Norfolk Christian High School

Playing the sport of soccer is something both the boys and the girls enjoy through our school.

When you need help with trigonometry homework, look to our web videos for the answers to your questions.

Our summer camp students enjoy praise and worship, arts and crafts, and more.

Some children are really sports minded and we encourage them to use their gifts at our school.

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When it comes to adding and subtracting polynomials and multiplying binomials, there is a lot of free online help when you check out our website.

Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families.

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Community service is something that we take pride in teaching all of our students.

Our elementary school is affiliated with over 100 area churches, so you will find many Christians in our schools.

Some students find it easier to do math when they can see illustrations in video form rather than reading the information in a book.

You can sharpen your math skills by watching videos and participating in math exercises.

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Pre algebra can be studied online by children or adults, depending on the level you are currently at with your studies.

You can watch video math lessons online and learn what you need to pass your next test.

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